Saturday, 15 October 2011

What led humans to acquire more?

Truth be told I have overcome my fear and doubt and realized the true beauty of existence that laid dormant in my heart. We are nature’s being. One with the earth and our true nature we will discover. we are one with the universe  - God.
Socialization has left us to forget our true essence. Layered by things – shoes, clothes – aesthetic division has left us from seeing common man in our midst.
The truth is I am tired of being told this is the way to be. Taught to be in love with things and material possessions.   That is how my worth is measured. I am tired of allowing apathy to take the place of my empathy.
Our purpose is to enlighten humanity and to free them from their chains and lies. We are more than being striving for the accumulation of things.
Earth, mother Earth has given us everything we need. The magic of fire, fresh water to appease our thirst, and abundant fruit and vegetation to fulfill our hunger. We have two legs to travel, a voice to make music, arms to carry and emphasize.
What led humans to acquire more?
Shot By: Alex Grey

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