Wednesday, 9 November 2016

May this ignite the spirit and calling for Real Change.

I haven’t been a fan of Clinton from the start. But l sincerely believed she would win. And last night when I watched America light up red for Trump I was shocked. The lesser of two evils sounded really good in that moment and I felt my heart sink.

I must remind myself that I have been carrying this sadness around for a while now. All the problems this election revealed about the state of humanity has weighed heavy in my heart for far longer than this election.

For all the things I have learned about American Imperialism. And for all the ways our generation and this world continues to support and invest in it.

Nevertheless, this morning my spirit of grounding faith in the possibility of change ignited within. A feeling of the silver lining arose. The wolf in sheep’s skin has fully revealed itself, I thought. I watched on my social media as people were collectively agreeing there is a problem in America.

Had Clinton won, with the backing of the media and celebrities galore, our generation might have gone to bed tonight thinking there isn’t a problem down south. We would have remained compliant to a status quo that is defining the direction of this Earth and its people. We might have celebrated.

America has been leading its nation and the world’s culture, economy and foreign policy in a certain direction for a while now.

Now that Trump has won; might we as a people collectively begin to agree that this direction is something we do not want to perpetuate or participate in? 

Might we as people and nations awaken into a sense of responsibility and self-leadership? Will we realize that it is more imperative than ever before that we forge new pathways and alliances? That we, at the grassroots, take this world and its people in a new more promising direction.

Will this inspire in the hearts of all that the state of things is far more serious than we lead ourselves to believe? Will this inspire us to think more before we invest in America and the perpetuation of its influence?

Will we finally be a part of a process of leaving American Hegemony behind for good? 

Some interesting and provocative perspective from my social media and some of my Progressive American friends:


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